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Building Preservation and Stabilization are the cornerstones of the HSE & CCC mission. The structures represent much of what life was like during the mining era. The HSE approach is to preserve the buildings as they are - an authentic representation of the times. Click below to learn more and see what we have been up to!


A focal point of HSE & CCC's mission is to promote public education and awareness relative to the mining era and its importance to Colorado history, including life in 1880-1926 St. Elmo, the mines, ore processing, and transportation. We promote the need for good stewardship  to maintain the integrity of the buildings and archaeological sites.



Join our member program today to help preserve and protect the rich history that is St. Elmo and the surrounding areas. All memberships include tickets to our annual members dinner and tour. Click donate today to join.


Historic St. Elmo & Chalk Creek Canyon, Inc

Historic St. Elmo and Chalk Creek Canyon, Inc (HSE&CCC) formed in 2010 and gained 501(c)3 nonprofit status in 2011. The organization serves two important purposes: integrating preservation work under one organization and establishing a platform to insure the work continues for the long term.

The mission of HSE&CCC is simple: preserve as much of St. Elmo and other historic sites in Chalk Creek Canyon as possible for future generations to study, appreciate, and enjoy. This preservation includes structures, artifacts, and the stories of the people who built and lived in the area during this important historical period.

Your donations, interest and volunteerism can help save this nationally recognized ghost town and mining district for future generations.

CONTACT US   Tel: 719-395-6879

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